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Help with passing your theory test. We can even book it for you! **

Complete ‘novice’ training.

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Motorway tuition (currently suspended)

Refresher lessons on parking, overtaking, driving in

snow / ice or any other driving problems you may be having.

ECO friendly driving

(save £££’s on your fuel bills!)

1 hour lesson = £30

(1½ and 2 hour lessons are currently suspended)

Block book and pay in advance for 10 lessons  

(£300) and get an 11th lesson FREE!

Use of car for test (at Scarborough) including pre test lesson = £68

Motorway lesson (approx. 3-4 hours) = £100 (currently suspended)

** Booking of theory and / or driving test = £10 (plus DVSA fee)

Prices from March 2021 - payment by cash or bank transfer only. No cheques please!

Business hours 8:00am until 2:00pm, Monday to Friday

How many lessons will you need is an impossible question for any driving instructor to answer as everyone learns at different rates - it’s a bit like asking a Doctor how long will it be before a new born baby starts to walk & talk?! Some people have a natural aptitude - others take longer. What is certain is that longer, regular driving lessons result in learning to drive sooner than having just a one hour lesson per week, but of course that applies to learning any new skill. The driving lesson calculator on the left below is one of many available on the Internet and is based on DVSA statistics of a learner having no previous experience or ‘private practice’ (i.e. with a Parent). “DVSA statistics show that those who pass the current driving test have had, an average of around 45 hours professional training along with 22 hours of private practice”. The calculator on the right below is actually from the Chief Driving Examiner! Fortunately, at Hall Driving School our average is considerably less than either calculator shows! How many lessons you need though is down to you and how much you listen to and believe what your instructor is telling you.

Calculate how many driving lessons you need:

Look at charts above & see statistically how many lesson you might  need, then ADD the following if relevant:

The area you live in (more congestion = more lessons). Add 10 Lessons if you live in a City or on the outskirts of a city.

The time of day you take lessons (more congestion = more lessons). Around 3:30pm or 5pm? Add 10 lessons.

Don’t know how to ride a bike? You are missing basic hand and eye co-ordination exercises! Add 10 lessons.

Having gaps in between lessons (loss in memory and practice). Add 1 lesson  for each week missed.

Nervous? Add from 10 to 30 lessons.

Had a major car accident in the past? Can add to nerves. Add 10 to 30 lessons.

Not doing “homework” (e.g. not reading the Highway Code, learning “show me / tell me” etc). Can add up to 10 lessons.

Picking up bad habits from family & friends. Can add up to 10 lessons and lower test pass rates.

Bad Road attitude / short temper. Can add up to 20 lessons.

Find it difficult to take criticism  and don’t believe your instructor? This can stop you from progressing & increase lessons.

Now subtract the following:

Already had lessons? Can save you from 10 to 30 lessons. Take 1 lesson away from the estimation you made above for every 2 lessons you have had in the past.

Driven in another country? Take away 5 lessons for each year you’ve been driving consistently, but stop at 20 lessons.

Driven illegally? Take away 5 lessons for each year you’ve been driving, but stop at 20 lessons.

Taking 2 single lessons a week? Then reduce by up to 10 lessons.

Taking 3 single lessons a week? Then reduce by up to 20 lessons.

Mechanical knowledge? Take away up to 10 lessons.

Practiced with family? Take away 1 lesson for every 5 hours you have practiced.

How to save on lessons:

Get someone to show you the controls inside a car before your 1st lesson. (Saves ½ a lesson).

Get someone to show you what is under the bonnet & outside the car -show me / tell me” questions.. (Saves ½ a lesson).

Get someone to teach you how to start & stop a car and steer it in a private empty quiet car park. (Saves ½ a lesson).

Sit in on your friends driving lessons (Saves you couple of lessons).

Get on your bike - it helps with hand / eye co-ordination and also road sense. (Saves 1-10 lessons).

If you live in an area with heavy traffic have your lessons in another area, at least at the beginning. (Can save 10-15 lessons).

The more lessons you have closer together, the better. (Can save 10-20 lessons).

Do pre 17 lessons at the age 16 on a private road (some driving schools offer this).

Start to observe other drivers from now on, however don’t forget you’ll need to notice the faults too. Become an Examiner!

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